4 quick fixes for your work-from-home business fashion rut

4 quick fixes for your work-from-home (WFH) business fashion rut

With so many people making the shift to work from home (WFH) over the past few years, another shift has happened in the fashion world–the domination of casual, comfy fashion. Is anyone else seeing pajamas and slippers at the grocery store every week? 

While everyone wants to be comfortable, that doesn’t mean that we can’t dress well at the same time. This applies whether you work in an office or work from home. 

So if you find yourself slipping into the too casual side of fashion, don’t worry. Below are four quick tips to help you up your “work-from-home business fashion” style game. 

Keep a blazer in your office. 

One of the quickest ways to add polish to your outfit is to put on a blazer. Are you wearing a t-shirt? Dress up the tee with a blazer. Do you have a video conference meeting? Look professional by throwing on a blazer. Are you tempted to put on your comfy hoodie? Swap the hoodie for a blazer. I think you get the idea. Opt for a blazer in a flattering color for your skin tone. For most of us, this means skipping black, gray and beige blazers. Don’t be afraid to try blue, pink, red, purple, green, etc. Find what works for you.   

Swap yoga pants for a maxi skirt. 

Many people love yoga pants because they are comfortable to wear, but skirts can be just as comfortable. I love love love maxi skirts, and I am currently replacing most of my work and casual wardrobe with maxi skirts. Maxi skirts for work, you say?! Is that really professional? Yes, when styled properly maxi skirts can be both professional and flattering. Can we go back to point one about adding a blazer, please? Maxi skirts look great with a blazer. And if you really want, you can wear your pants under your maxi skirt and no one will be the wiser! 

Elevate your look with accessories.  

If you are out of the habit of wearing jewelry, it is time to add it back to your daily routine. Jewelry is great for framing your face when you are on camera for virtual meetings. It is a detail that also shows that you put in a little extra effort. Choose pieces that have a special meaning to you for encouragement and inspiration throughout your workday. Don’t be afraid to enjoy your jewelry while you are working. Jewelry is meant to be worn. Jewelry is as much about how it makes you feel as it is about how it makes you look. If I am excited about the day, I wear “The Optimist Earrings.” If I am feeling creative, I wear “The Ideator Earrings.” If I am discouraged, I choose the “Don’t Give Up Earrings.” I call it a “jewelry mood boost!” 

Find the right fit and fabric. 

It can be tempting to avoid dressing up because we associate dressing up with being uncomfortable. Enter the tight suit jackets, pants that pull, and fabrics that make you sweat. Who would want that? I agree. That is why it is important to shop for clothes that fit well and are made of natural quality fabrics. If it doesn’t feel great in the dressing room, it certainly won’t feel great after eight hours of working in them. 

Bonus tip! 

Get rid of all of your clothes that are stained, torn, or unfit for public consumption. If you don’t have it in your closet, you can’t wear it! 

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