Stephanie Richards, founder of Esaltare Designs

Hi. I am Stephanie Richards, the founder and director of Esaltare Designs® (ĭ-zhul-tär-āy), which creates office jewelry that celebrates executives and entrepreneurs and elevates their style. 

Here is where I am supposed to share my story about how I became a jewelry designer-turned business owner. The funny thing is, I am not a jewelry designer. I am a marketing executive. 

I am an entrepreneur and public relations professional by trade. I never planned to start a jewelry business. 

It all started with a pitch (because after all I am in public relations). 

I was talking with Doug Meadows, founder of David Douglas Diamonds & Jewelry. Doug wanted to grow his business, but wasn’t sure what marketing strategy to use. 

I suggested Doug design a jewelry line for business women to celebrate their career milestones. 

I pitched the idea to Doug. He loved it. 

The more I thought about the idea; however, the more I wanted to be a part of it. So I pitched Doug another idea. 

Let’s do this together. 

He agreed. 

Doug and I both have a desire to share any success we have with others, which is really the foundation of Esaltare Designs. 

Esaltare (ĭ-zhul-tär-āy) means “to celebrate” in Italian, but it can also be translated as “uplift” in English. 

We have a desire to not only celebrate the accomplishments of those who have succeeded, but also to uplift as many people as possible to help them on their path to success. You can read more about the specific organizations we support here

So there you have it. The raw, uncut, unpolished story about how I unexpectedly started a jewelry business. 

How can we celebrate you today? 

Doug Meadows, Founder, Visionary + Hero Maker of David Douglas Diamonds 

Doug Meadows

David Douglas Diamonds & Jewelry is a family owned, fourth generation, jewelry store located in Marietta, Georgia. It was founded by two brothers, David and Douglas Meadows, who both grew up in the jewelry business.Their grandfather, Arthur Meadows, learned the trade in Canada. In 1926 he opened his own jewelry business, Work of Art, in Detroit Michigan. David and Douglas started working at the shop in Michigan learning the fundamentals and mastering the skills to become master jewelers.

In 1982 Douglas followed his passion for business down to a small town of Marietta, Georgia. David soon followed and in 1986 the two brothers opened their own jewelry store which would later be named David Douglas Diamonds & Jewelry. David would go on to operate a jewelry store in Woodstock, Georgia carrying on the name “Art Jewelers” in memory of his grandfather.

Douglas operates David Douglas Diamonds & Jewelry in Marietta, Georgia with his son Joseph Meadows. Now on to their fourth generation, the Meadows family of jewelers have maintained a tradition of fine craftsmanship and quality service to their customers. Our family-oriented business has evolved throughout the years but our goal remains the same –“Honor and Bless all who God brings our way.”