5 Pillars of a Self-Respecting Wardrobe

5 Pillars of a Self-Respecting Wardrobe

How self-respecting is your wardrobe? When you think about the attire and accessories that you wear, do you think it enhances your life or does it hold you back? 

If you suspect that your wardrobe is not serving your life, your goals and your self-image, it is time for an adjustment.  

What is a self-respecting wardrobe? 

A self-respecting wardrobe is a collection of clothing and accessories that enhance your life and help you to feel your best. In contrast, a wardrobe that is not self-respecting does little to bring out the best in you. 

Below are the five pillars of a self-respecting wardrobe. 

1) A self-respecting wardrobe is authentic to you and your style.

First and foremost, a self-respecting wardrobe should align with who you are and your style. There should be harmony between who you are on the inside and who you present on the outside for maximum credibility and authenticity. 

2) A self-respecting wardrobe is appropriate for your role, environment, and lifestyle.

How you dress is a sign of respect, not only for yourself, but also for those around you. A discerning person is able to determine what attire is most appropriate for the occasion, the environment they are in, and the expected dress code. A self-respecting wardrobe must also be appropriate for your specific lifestyle needs. Someone who rides horses every day at work is going to have different wardrobe needs than someone who works in an office all day.

3) A self-respecting wardrobe is comfortable. 

It is a myth that dressing has to involve wearing uncomfortable clothing. It is possible to dress nicely without being uncomfortable all day. A self-respecting wardrobe must be comfortable, but that does not mean it has to be sloppy. 

4) A self-respecting wardrobe is modest.

Modesty is a prime example of self-respect. Your wardrobe should protect your self-worth and dignity. 

5) A self-respecting wardrobe brings out the best in you. 

A self-respecting wardrobe at its best brings out the best in you. When you feel good in something, it shows. The right colors, the right fit, and meaningful accessories can all enhance your appearance, mood, productivity, mental health, success, and self-confidence.  

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