Boost your credibility with these small tweaks

Do people see you as credible?

Did you know that there are small tweaks you can make in how you present yourself in person and on camera that can add to your credibility?

Let me explain.

Credibility means being believable.

What makes you believable? 

  • When your words match your actions. 
  • When your body language matches your words. 
  • When your words match reality.  

In other words, you are believable (credible) when there is harmony and alignment. Dissonance undermines credibility.

So if you wear something (or do something, or say something) that is not in alignment with who you are, people feel it. You don’t come across as genuine and people start to question your credibility even though they might not be able to put their finger on it.

  • Are you wearing attire and colors that match your personality? 
  • Do your clothes fit properly? 
  • Is your attire appropriate for the environment in which you are?
  • Does your attire match your status or role?

When you know yourself so well that you are able to bring everything into alignment (including what you wear), people notice. And they are more likely to see you as credible.

What makes you credible as a successful business woman?

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