Do you want some great news about your “to do” list?

Great news about your to do list

Do you want some great news about your “to do” list?

It will still be there on Monday! 

Why is this great news?

Because you may not have to stress about getting everything done before the end of the week. This weekend can be a time to rest. 

We often get to the end of a week and think of all the things we did NOT check off our to do list. What would happen if we celebrated what we DID check off? 

If you want to take a minute to celebrate what you did check off your “to do” list this week, check out my 60-second video below. 


Perhaps you did get everything on your “to do” list done this week. If that is you, it is time to celebrate with I Got It Done Earrings

I Got It Done Earrings by Esaltare Designs Career Jewelry Collection

"Celebrate the completion of a huge project or accomplishing a specific goal. Even though there were many distractions and challenges surrounding your goal, you kept your focus. You reached your goal. You got it done. Mark this moment and wear these earrings as a reminder of what you are capable of, even in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges."

Esaltare Designs® (ĭ-zhul-tär-āy) creates career jewelry for executives and entrepreneurs who want to celebrate their business accomplishments and uplift others along the way. Esaltare means “to, extol, exalt or celebrate” in Italian, but it can be translated as “uplift” in English. 

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