Get ready to own the second quarter

Get ready to own the second quarter

Get ready to own the second quarter. 

What does it take to own the second quarter? Celebrate the first. 

Before you get too deep into second quarter goals, take 60 seconds and celebrate the successes from the first quarter. This small practice is like rocket fuel for the next quarter. Click on the video below for a guided 60-second success celebration. 

60-Second Success Celebration


  • The changes you decided to implement that are actually taking place.
  • Maybe your goal was to increase sales by 20% and you did!
  • Did you expand into a new market, launch a new product or add new clients? These are all reasons to pause and celebrate. 

Whatever your Q1 wins are, take a moment to celebrate them. 

Celebrating small successes… 

  • Boosts your mental health
  • Builds your confidence
  • Makes you more optimistic 
  • Relieves stress 
  • Increases resilience 

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