How do I choose the right jewelry for my skin tone?

Is your jewelry right for your skin tone? Are you unsure if yellow, white or rose gold is right for your skin tone? You are not alone. Many people struggle to determine what color jewelry looks best on them. 

The truth is, not every type of gold looks good on every skin tone. In fact, if you wear a color of metal that does not flatter your skin tone, it can have an adverse effect on your appearance. People may not be able to put their finger on it, but something will feel out of harmony. 

For instance, if your skin leans warm and you wear silver or white gold, the jewelry will look cold and off-putting on your skin. Conversely, if you have cool skin and wear yellow gold, your skin may look ashen and unhealthy. 

So let’s get this right. 

Knowing what color of gold looks good on you is largely dependent upon the temperature of your skin tone and undertone. Skin tone refers to the color of the surface of your skin. Undertone refers to the colors underneath the surface of your skin that significantly influence what colors (and metals) work for you. While the surface of your skin may change color based on skin exposure, your undertone remains consistent.

Skin tone and undertones fall into three categories: Warm, Cool and Neutral (Neither warm or cool).

How do I know if I am warm, cool or neutral? 

Determining if you are warm, cool or neutral is not always easy. Below are a few indicators to help you determine which color temperature most closely describes you.

How do I choose the right jewelry for my skin tone?

What gold jewelry works best for a warm skin tone? 
Is your skin undertone warm (golden, yellow or peach undertones)? You will likely look best in yellow gold. The warmer your undertone is, the warmer the yellow of your gold should be. If your undertone is a delicate warm, try a softer yellow or warm rose gold. 

What gold jewelry works best for a cool skin tone?
Does your skin undertone lean cool (blue, red or pink undertones)? If you have a decidedly cool color palette, cool metals, such as silver, white gold and platinum will likely look best on you. You can also try a cool-tone rose gold. 

What gold jewelry works best for a neutral skin tone?
If both yellow gold and white gold look equally good on you, your skin tone may be neutral. If you are somewhere in the middle having both cool and warm colors, you have leeway in wearing both warm or cool precious metals, but one will likely look better than the other.

What skin tone is best for rose gold?
Rose gold works for a wide variety of skin tones, but be sure the color of the rose gold aligns with your natural undertone. Rose gold can vary from warm tones to neutral to cool tones. Rose gold is also a more delicate color than vibrant yellow golds or stark white golds and silver. This makes it more suited for a delicate color palette versus a decidedly warm or cool color palette.

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