How to ensure you can do ANYTHING

Something funny happened to me while crossing a near-frozen creek in my bare feet in the dead of winter–I realized that there is not a lot that I cannot do. 

Now when I encounter a difficult situation, I think to myself, “Well, it’s not as hard as the time I crossed that freezing cold creek. So I’ve got this!” 

So how can you ensure you can do ANYTHING you put your mind to? Do something hard. Do something really hard that you think you cannot do. You will come out the other side knowing you can do anything. 

  • Now making that sales goal doesn’t seem so tough after all. It doesn’t even involve frozen toes! 
  • You CAN earn that degree. 
  • Getting that business off the ground IS possible, Lord willing. 

We also had to go back through the creek again, by the way. So why did we cross the creek in the dead of winter? There was adventure on the other side. I also knew that it was possible because my friend had done it before and lived to tell the tale.  

So if you are in a stuck place and think you cannot reach your goal, grab a friend and go do something that pushes you beyond your limits. Maybe your goal won’t seem so far off after all. Maybe God has something in mind for you that you never even thought possible. 

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