How to Know If You Are a Creative

4 Signs You Are a Creative

Are you more creative than you might think? As a public relations professional and marketer by trade, I have always worked as a creative professional. I often hear people say, “I am not that creative,” but what does it mean to be creative? 

To be creative is to: 

“have the power to bring something new into being, as a creature, or to evolve something original from one’s own thought or imagination, as a work of art or invention” (Source

Below are a few signs that you might be more creative than you think. 

1) Have you developed something new or invented a new way of doing a task? 

Maybe you didn’t paint a beautiful portrait, but did you come up with a new solution to solve a problem at work? Did you hit a roadblock and find a way around it? Did you collaborate on a team and share your ideas? All of these are signs of your inner creativity. 

2) Do you ask lots of questions? 

Creative people are naturally curious. They tend to seek knowledge and enjoy learning. If you find yourself asking lots of questions, it might be your inner creative shining through. 

3) Do you challenge the status quo? 

Creative people often question why something is done a particular way and are not afraid to challenge that method of thinking. If you don’t just blindly follow the crowd, you might be a creative. 

4) Are you resilient? 

Resilience may be a sign of creativity. People who are resilient often have staying power because they invent new ways to adapt and solve problems. They see beyond the situation in front of them and imagine what the future could and might hold.  


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