How to start a conversation out of thin air

Do you find it awkward to talk to people you don’t know? Want to confidently start a conversation out of thin air with almost anyone? 

Do these three things: 

  1. Wear something that expresses who you are.
  2. Overdress just a bit for the occasion. 
  3. Notice what others are wearing. 

The conversation has begun. 

I cannot tell you how many times I have had a conversation with a complete stranger that started with, “I love your dress!” or “Beautiful earrings.” 

Yesterday, I was at a coffee shop and had polite conversation with the barista about the weather. However, as soon as I asked about her earrings, I immediately learned about her creative passion–creating stained glass. We had a great conversation about her career path and her business dreams. I now know a bit about her and can greet her by name next time I see her. I had two other similar experiences the same day just by asking about something someone was wearing. 

Invite conversation by wearing something that expresses who you are, overdress for the occasion, and notice what others are wearing. Let the conversations begin!

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Want to see how I pick out what I am going to wear for the day? Watch the video below. 

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