I bet you've never done THIS...

How many birthday parties have you thrown for your friends, family or kids over the years?

I bet a lot.

Have you ever thrown anyone a “Happy Promotion Party?”

We celebrate birthdays, engagement parties, wedding showers, and anniversaries, which are all wonderful. But let’s not forget to also celebrate when a friend or family member works super hard and achieves something great, such as a promotion!

Think of all the fun we could all have if we started celebrating when we:

  • Earn a promotion
  • Launch a new business
  • Achieve a first successful year in business
  • Earn an advanced degree
  • Land series A funding
  • Reach a million in revenue
  • Retire on our terms
  • Or any other accomplishment

Seriously, there could be a lot more cake.

Who do you know that needs a good party right now to celebrate how hard they have been working?

Perhaps it is you.

Perhaps you need to throw yourself a party for something YOU have worked really hard to achieve. Send me an invite, please. I am happy to celebrate you!

Office jewelry to celebrate earning a new promotion


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