Is your color palette MUTED or CLEAR?

Is your natural color palette (i.e. the color of your skin, eyes and hair), MUTED or CLEAR?

And why does it even matter?!

Choosing the most flattering color for you to wear in the office or on camera is not just about cool versus warm colors. It is also about whether muted colors (colors mixed with gray) or clear colors (colors NOT muted by gray) look best on you.

Here is a little test to see if MUTED or CLEAR colors are most flattering on you.


If your eyes can be described as stormy instead of bright and clear, and your hair and skin are more velvety than translucent, muted colors (colors mixed with gray), will likely be more flattering.


If your hair tends to sparkle in the sunlight, and your eyes and skin are bright and vibrant, and your skin has a translucence, clear colors that are pure and bright (not diluted by gray) will likely be most flattering.

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Is your natural color palette muted or clear?

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