Success Celebration: Rebecca Brizi

Dear Successful Ladies, 

We want to build a community of business women who celebrate each other’s successes, edify one another, and uplift the next generation.

Today we are excited to celebrate a very successful business woman, Rebecca Brizi, management consultant and founder of RG Brizi (

Rebecca is celebrating five years in business!

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Rebecca Brizi, management consultant & founder of RG Brizi


“Five years ago I knew that ‘business management’ was a craft that could be packaged and sold and provide value to small businesses, but I didn't quite know how that would develop in the small business world. Five years later the model has proven itself, and I have embraced the local small business world for all its enthusiasm, good deeds, and dedication. Coming from the software world to this, I found an openness and a desire for good deeds that impresses me every day.” – Rebecca Brizi

Our entire business is about encouraging success by inviting women to celebrate their career accomplishments with meaningful pieces of jewelry, edify one another, and uplift others on their path to success.

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Five Year Workiversary

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