The Secret to REAL Confidence

Want to know the secret to REAL confidence? Don’t let your successes pass by without acknowledging them. 

Is it really that easy? 


“The positive feeling you get when you succeed is what ultimately builds confidence. It builds hope that you will be successful again,” according to psychiatrist Benjamin Cheyette, M.D., and pediatric neurologist Sarah Cheyette, M.D.

So instead of glossing over your wins (big or small), take a moment to let the positive feeling of your accomplishment sink in. I like to call these 60-second Success Celebrations.

“When you are confident and hopeful, that improves your ability to focus naturally. When you feel that way, you are more likely to concentrate again on a challenging task in the future because you will feel motivated to get that feeling back,” Benjamin and Sarah write.

We're bringing the party to you!

Last week we hosted a Success Celebration Launch Party. 

We launched the new Career Styles Classic™ Collection, showcased our Corporate Collection™ and Entrepreneurial Collection™, and gave a sneak peek at the new F.R.E.E. Collection (perfect for holiday gift giving)!

Esaltare Designs Career Jewelry New Collection Launch Party


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