Who is on your team?

Dear Successful Ladies, 

Who is on your team?

In the last blog post, I mentioned, “Do not build alone for you will be limited by the size of the beam you alone can lift.”

This week we are talking about what seven types of people you need on your team to accomplish your goals.

Consider how much more you can accomplish with the following team on your side.

Administrators execute repetitive or everyday tasks that take up your time, but can be done by someone other than you.

Managers organize and direct people and resources to achieve the goals you set forth for your business.

Every entrepreneur needs a group of peers that can provide an outside perspective and ask the hard questions.

Do you have a mentor or coach? Maybe even two or three? Mentors are key for helping you identify blind spots and stretch you beyond your comfort zone.

The great thing about working with experts is that you do not have to know everything. If you are great with words, but struggle with numbers, hire an accountant.

Strategic Partners
Everyone has limited resources. Find strategic partners that benefit from what you offer, and provide what you do not have.

Whether you are working up the corporate ladder or an entrepreneur, we all need friends and family to encourage us and cheer us on.

Who am I missing? Who would you add to your team? Reply to this email with your response.

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