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The Intern™

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The Intern™ Necklace // Handmade Sterling Silver and 14k Yellow Gold Necklace Featuring a Chrysoprase Gemstone on an 18'' Cable Chain

Celebrate the accomplishment of landing your first internship.

An internship is a bridge. Sometimes that bridge has a toll, in the form of working without pay and devoting your time and energy to learning and serving in exchange for passage to new lands and opportunities. The form of a bridge is seen through the rose-cut chalcedony as a reminder that you have landed this opportunity to journey to new places! The yellow gold prongs setting the stone, are the warm and rich promise of all that is to come!

Sterling Silver Necklace
14k Yellow Gold Prongs
Chrysoprase Gemstone
Length: 18''

*The product picture might vary slightly from the actual product due to the product being 100% handmade to order.